We're Passionate About Music & Helping Musicians & Entrepreneurs to Create Music Startups in London.

Co-working space, incubator, accelerator, coming in 2016

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Fostering industry innovation through music driven startups @entrecenter.
Nashville, TN, USA projectmusic.co - @projectmusic

MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. We help entrepreneurs win with no equity taken. UK applications for 2016 open 19th May! masschallenge.org.uk

AIM for success! AIM Startups offers training, mentoring, and funding for creative startups. London, UK aimstartups.com

@AbbeyRoadRed is @AbbeyRoad's new technology & innovation department. Continuing over 80 years of innovation legacy. www.abbeyroad.com/red

*What do you get if  you combine the industry innovation of @projectmusic,  the startup friendly properties of @masschallengeuk,  focus on tech & innovation of @abbeyroadred with the training, mentoring, and funding attributes of  @aim_startups ?*

Cheeky Ventures aka Cheeky Startups!

*none of these organisations are Supporting Cheeky Startups or Cheeky Promo*

Co-working space, incubator, accelerator for music startups in London. We help entrepreneurs create and grow music startups by providing space, mentoring and funding.

We're looking for startup founders, mentors, Angel and/or VC investors  and corporate / government sponsors.

Want to get involved as a ? Email rupert@cheekyventures.com

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Calling all music startups, especially if you are in London, UK.

Are you looking for a co-working space, incubator, accelerator?

Would you like to be a mentor at a music incubator, accelerator?

Are you an angel investor or venture capitalist?

Please email me at rupert@cheekyventures.com

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